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Bravo Border Collies For Herding And Performance

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Puppy information

Bravo's Planned Breeding Program

BravoBorder Collies' breeding goal is to produce dogs with sound temperaments that are easy to live with, healthy,and of course to preserve,the unique character and traditional appearance of the breed.

Unless we can contribute to the gene pool in this matter, we don't breed.
Bravo's puppies born as a result of our breeding program are produced through a very selective method. we study each potential sire and dam objectively to determine what qualities each might bring to the gene pool of the puppies.

Temperament is equally as important as herding ability at BravoBorderCollies, for without a biddable nature, the working relationship between human and dog suffers.

Puppy Information

 Bravo's puppies are raised in the house with human interaction. My flexible work schedule and since I work from home is a big advantage with raising our Bravo's puppies. I am here to mold their minds in these critical 6-9 weeks of life.
You can never make up for lack of socialization at this stage, so I take my work with them very seriously.

 Bravo's puppies' health is guaranteed and we really take pride in our breeding stock and what we produce. We place our Bravo's puppies with suitable homes only. The person's goals for the puppy should match the puppy's character traits.




 Bravo's puppies are vaccinated  on a precise schedule and we deworm them starting at 3 weeks old. Our main priority is to place our puppies with performance homes that will engage in activities like herding, agility, confirmation, obedience etc.



 If you are interested in one of our wonderful
 BravoBC-puppies please contact us.Upon receipt of your deposit you will be placed on our waiting list