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Bravo Border Collies For Herding And Performance

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Reserve Your Puppy

Reservation Agreement

Bravo Border Collies

Natalie Lawrence


Purchaser Details:

Name of person placing pre-payment: _________________________

Mailing Address: ______________________________________

Phone Number: ____________________ Email________________________________

Total Purchase price: ____________________

Pre-Payment Details:

Pre-payment amount:_________Date received: ____________ this document is also a buyer’s receipt for payment when signed by the seller.

Bravo reserves the right to terminate a booking by returning any pre-payment amount at any time for any reason.

Puppy Details:

Please circle your choice of puppy below.

First Choice: Color/Gender: Female ,Male, Black and White / Red&White,Black&White or Doesn’t matter.

This pre-payment amount will be applied toward a purchase of a puppy from the Bravo litter by:___________________________________


Place on List: ______

Note: Puppies sold as a PET will be AKC Limited Registered and sold under a "spay/neuter" contract. This means you may compete in AKC Herding, Obedience, Tracking and Agility evens, but NOT AKC conformation show rings. Puppies sold as "SHOW" quality will have unlimited AKC registry may participate in all events, and will be Co owned by Bravo Border Collies.

Conditions of Reservation Agreement:

1. Pre-payment is being placed for the above described puppy from the above described litter.

2. Breeder agrees to contact buyer if a puppy is born that fits their specifications.

3. Buyer has been placed on Bravo Border Collies waiting list in the above shown order.

4. The pre-payment is refundable before the puppy is chosen.

5. The pre-payment is not refundable if buyer requests a refund after they have reserved a specific puppy in person, via picture on the internet or specified to the breeder what puppy they would want as far as specific sex and color. In which case, only if such puppy is not available will the pre-payment be refunded.

We do not accept a personal checks; cash, cashier check or money orders only, and should be made out to Natalie Lawrence. We accept CASH ONLY for the remaining balance, which will be due in full when puppy is being picked up at the age of 7-8 weeks old. Puppies that are not picked up by 8 weeks old, will incur a boarding charge of $20.00 per day until puppy is picked up.

Breeder & Buyer understand and agree to all conditions stated in this contract.

Signature of Buyer: ___________________________ Date: _______________

Signature of Breeder: _________________________Date: ________________