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Bravo Border Collies For Herding And Performance

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Bravo's Pet Contract

Bravo's Pet Contract is a Spay/Neuter Contract.
THIS IS A SAMPLE ONLY. Specific contract will be written for each individual buyer.

                      Companion Puppy Purchase Contract
                               Bravo Border Collies
                              Natalie Lawrence -

This contract contains 3 pages
This contract is between the Seller, Bravo Border Collies and the Buyer:
Name: ________________________________________ Address:___________________________________________________________ Phone: __________________Cell:____________________
Email address: _______________________________________ Dog’sname:______________________________________________ Date born: ____________________________Sex: _______
Color and markings: __________________________.

Sire: _________________________________

Dam: _________________________________

The total purchase price is:____________Date: ____________. Signed by seller: _____________________. (This is your receipt)

Genetic Health Warranty

1. I guarantee this dog to be free of PRA, CEA eye and HD. A Veterinary Optometrist must examine the dog and perform a CERF test and a CEA test should be performed at a genetic lab for these guarantees to be valid. In order for the Hip Guarantee to be valid the dog must be x-rayed and the x-rays sent off to the OFA for certification and rating. It is required that this puppy be OFA certified when 24 months old or this guarantee will become void.

The buyer shall be responsible for any expenses incurred for these tests. Copies of these tests must be mailed to the breeder.

2. If, by an unforeseen chance, the puppy is diagnosed with dysplasia (HD) or any of the above named diseases, at buyer’s request, seller will take the Border collie back and replace it with a puppy of seller’s choice, at seller’s convenience. The buyer will be responsible for all cost associated with the replacement.

In the event Buyer elect to keep a dog that has been diagnosed with hip dysplasia or any of the above named diseases, all veterinary costs and expenses related to the hip dysplasia and its treatment become the SOLE responsibility of the buyer.

3. There will be no refund or replacement if the puppy is worked on cattle or "non dog broke sheep" before 12 months of age. The original dog must be returned to the breeder, or no replacement will be given.

*Since Hip dysplasia is polygenic (involves many different genes) and multifactor (influenced by many non-genetic factors), Seller can not guarantee a specific Penn Hip score. However, everything possible is done to make sure the puppy has no indications of dysplasia.

Only sound, tested dogs are used as breeding stock, and the puppy’s bones are provided the best start in life. This hip dysplasia guarantee will be null and void if said puppy is trained in agility/freesbie catching/jogging prior to 6 months old, since joints need time to grow and should not have any strain of such activity. It is recommended that Jogging and Freesbie be started at 1 year old and up.

*In the event the seller breaches any of the foregoing guarantees, seller’s liability is limited to the replacement of the above-described animal by a replacement puppy of the seller’s choice at the seller’s convenience.

Puppy diseases warranty

1.I guarantee the health of this puppy for the first 72 hours after leaving our care, and this health guarantee is given for the following puppy diseases: Canine Distemper, Parvo Virus, Parainfluenza and Adenovirus type 2 only.

2. Seller must have puppy examined by his/her vet within the first 72 hours of purchase; otherwise this health guarantee will be void. If a written notice by your vet within 72 hours of leaving our care shows this puppy to have any of the above described puppy diseases, and our vet confirms this, we will replace the puppy with another puppy of the same sex and value of breeder’s choice as soon as one becomes available. No cash refunds-replacement only. A health record and shot schedule will be provided. The breeder shall not be responsible for any medical expenses incurred after purchase.

* Buyer agrees to assume full responsibility for all veterinary care and cost, whether, routine or emergency, from the moment the buyer has the above described Border collie in buyer’s possession.

*Buyer agrees to keep seller notified of current address and telephone number. Buyer also agrees to write seller at least once a year with an update on the above described animal, and to include a color photograph.

*In the event that buyer breaches any of the foregoing covenants and it becomes necessary to institute legal proceedings to effect enforcement of the agreement, buyer shall pay all expenses, including all attorneys’ fees, incurred in connection with such legal proceedings.

*The buyer agrees to use the kennel name of Bravo as a prefix with the AKC & ABCA name, or let the seller choose it.

* This puppy is sold as a companion dog and will be AKC Limited registration/non breeding status. This means that you may compete in AKC Herding, Obedience, Tracking and Agility events, but NOT in AKC conformation show rings. This also means that if you breed you dog, the puppies will NOT be AKC
By signing this contract, I agree to have this puppy spayed/neutered at or before 12 months of age. The AKC registration certificate will be provided to buyer
only upon written veterinarian proof that the puppy was in fact neutered.
The buyer agrees to use the kennel name of Bravo as a prefix with the AKC & ABCA name, or let the seller
choose it.
*If puppy is not picked up at or before 8 weeks old, buyer agrees to pay seller an additional fee of $75.00 per each week of puppy overstaying at Bravo BC kennels. This fee will be applied toward boarding, socializing, training etc.
Shipping Agreement-
If puppy is shipped via airline:
1. Seller shall not be responsible for loss/death of puppy while in transit via airplane. And seller is responsible for this puppy’s well being UP UNTIL the point it is given to the airline attendant for
shipping at the airport. Buyer is strongly advised to purchase travel insurance for this puppy prior to shipping it.
2. In the event that the said puppy is lost/dies, buyer shall seek monetary compensation from the airline company only. No refund will be given to buyer by seller in such event.
3. Buyer to arrange all shipping details and pay in advance for puppy and shipping fees (airfare).
4.  Buyer is aware and agrees to pay additional costs that are involved in the shipping of said pup, like:
Veterinarian health certificate ($72.00 Approx.), Crate for shipping ($35.00-$45.00), handling charges ($250.00) shipping handling fee when shipping puppy from (Burbank) airport 160 miles round trip from my residence, or $280.00 shipping handling fee when shipping puppy from LAX airport, round trip of 200
miles from my residence.Seller understands the shipping agreement and agrees to pay for additional handling/shipping fees for said puppy if necessary.
Buyer Signature: _______________________
If for any reason, at any time during the above described Border collie’s life buyer doesn’t wish to keep the dog, buyer agrees to surrender the animal to the seller. In this event, Buyer agrees to bear all associated expenses and to transfer registration to seller. If the Buyer wishes to resell the Border collie, the Buyer must first receive the seller’s approval of the new home and written permission. If the dog has been injured or abused, or is under
veterinary care prior to returning the animal to the seller, the buyer agrees to pay the full cost of necessary veterinary, rehabilitation or counseling for the pre-existing condition. Under no condition will the buyer end the dog’s life, without prior written approval of the seller, except in the case of emergency with written documentation of an attending veterinarian.
I have read, understood and agree to all the above:
Seller’s signature _____________________Date:_____________

Buyer’s signature ______________________ Date:___________